Our company & our vision

The Web page back2backtips.com is dedicatod for clients who want to increase their assets with sports betting.

We are confident that you can become a successful bettor by simply following our rules.

We learned on our mistakes and developed some rules, which are in our opinion essential for being successful in sports betting.

We believe you will consider our rules, guidelines and instructions so we will write a successful story together.

We made many friendships throughout Europe in our 10-year history of betting.

We believe to have an advantage over bookmakers in some cases, because we have better access to informations.

Our team

Klemen Berdajs

Sports betting, instructions and rules

About me
After years of playing sports betting, I have been able to build a network of connections that allows me to have the advantage over the bookmaker at some point. When they have no information on the status of the players, the conditions in the club or competitions and when the human factor outweighs the statistics. I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you. The world of sports betting changed my life – to the better. Let it change yours also.

At the back2backtips.com project I am responsible for our betting tips.

Jurij Oblak

Business support and marketing

About me
After years of unsuccessful sports betting, I met Klemen, who gave me the idea to combine my knowledge of entrepreneurship and digital marketing with his successful hobby.

At the back2backtips.com project I am responsible for the information system, website, all the promotions and support.


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