We gave access to our betting system to a regular bettor who sticks to our rules. Each Monday we publish Picks from our system which this Bettor won with a Unit of 10 EUR.

Monthly statistics

Number of won picks in the last 31 days

2/4 (50%)

All history: 244/353 (69.12%, from November 2019)

June 2020: 2/4 (50%)
May 2020: 0/1 (0%)
March 2020: 33/49 (67.35%)
February 2020: 42/72 (58.33%)
January 2020: 46/68 (67.65%)
December 2019: 114/149 (76.51%)
November 2019: 7/10 (70%)

Number of winning units in the last 31 days

-3.15 enot

All history: 969.6 units of profit (from November 2019)

June 2020: -3.15 units
May 2020: -7 units
March 2020: 103.68 units
February 2020: 86.29 units
January 2020: 194.23 units
December 2019: 567.07 units
November 2019: 28.48 units

Profit in the last 31 days

In case you played all matches with 10 EUR unit

-31.50 €

All history: 9696.00 € (from November 2019)

June 2020: -31.50 €
May 2020: -70.00 €
March 2020: 1036.80 €
February 2020: 862.90 €
January 2020: 1942.30 €
December 2019: 5670.70 €
November 2019: 284.80 €

The monthly subscription is 100 EUR.

If you have a bonus code please enter it in the next step.

News, tips & rules

There are even more rules and tips in the membership part of the website for a better betting experience.

Speed & Accuracy

In some cases you will have only a few seconds to place your bet You will never be able to enter all picks fast enough, but make sure you are reachable on your smart phone. Informing is instantaneous through our telegram channel

Stick to the system

On your betting account on the chosen betting site (we recommend bet365 because of the diversity in their offer) you should bet only the tips that were suggested through our system. Don’t be foolish and bet other tips.

Stick to the chosen unit.

We suggest you to stick to the chosen unit from day one until the end of your subscription.

Read the membership part of the page

Once you register and make the payment, you will get an insight in the membership part of the page where everything about about the betting rules and tips is written. Also how high your unit should be.

Don’t bet out of boredom.

Boredom is one of the main reasons for making losses at sportsbetting. Our goal is that you see sportsbetting as an opportunity to make additional money for quality free time with your loved ones.

Don’t let the trigger to go off.

Each one of us has certain triggers, which lead to self destructive behavior.

What do our clients say about us?

We devote ourselves to each client personally after one week of their subscription and then before each renewal of the subscription. These are their responses.

I’ve been working with many tipsters in the past but nobody can compare to Klemen. It is evident that he’s a real expert in his field. Back2BackTips also offers a great customer support. I definitely recommend it.


At the request of a friend, I tested the use of the website and the betting tips system of

Due to the fact that I am not a experienced betting fan, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of earning extra money in just a week. Although the period was really short, I had 650 EUR on my account after depositing 200 EUR.

Last updated 05/01/2020.

The monthly subscription is 100 EUR.

If you have a bonus code please enter it in the next step.

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