Third and fourth week in January got us 137.2 units of profit. Period finished with 27 win, 7 loses and 2 void matches, with yield +55.76%.

We played 15 matches, 9 won, 6 lost, ending week with 23,56 units of profit and 22,44% yield.

In this week we bet on 21 matches, won 15, lost 5, 1 was void, ending the week with 77.83 units of profit at 54,43% yield.

In first week of January we won’t share tips, because the market is not good enough. We assume that the website will be finished on 6th of January 2020 and we start betting on Thursday, 9th of January.

We will renew all subscriptions which will be paid it the interim until 9th of February 2020.

In this week we played 22 matches, won 18 and lost 4. Yield was 56,28% at 91,18 units of profit.

In December we will play matches until 31.12.2019, then our tipsters go to vacation until the site is published 5-12. January 2020.

This week we had 54 tips, 42 of these had won. We made 221.5 units of profit (at unit 10 EUR it’s about 2200 EUR), with yield 60.18%.

We also uploaded all the screenshots. 

Let the winning streak last for long.

Second week was also very successful. In 49 mathces we won 37 times. Profit is 161,5 units, which is 1615 EUR at unit 10 EUR.

We ended first week of our business with success. In this week there were 12 matches, we won 9 of them and lost just 3. Weekly profit is 38,95 units which means 389,5 EUR at unit 10 EUR.

It’s important that we haven’t had a losing streak yet.

The monthly subscription is 100 EUR.

If you have a bonus code please enter it in the next step.

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