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Our website is in the process of being set up so it may be subject to errors. In case you experience any errors, please write us on or to our telegram account.
We are also available on Facebook.


All subscriptions concluded during the period from 5-9.1.2020 are valid until 9.2.2020. The first betting tips will be posted on Thursday, 9.1.2020.

Stick to the chosen unit.

We suggest you to stick to the chosen unit from day one until the end of your subscription.

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After the payment of the subscription contact us via Telegram (@back2backtips) or by clicking the link. After the verification of your subscription payment, you will receive a link for logging in into the group.

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The monthly subscription is 100 EUR.

If you have a bonus code please enter it in the next step.

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Thank you for buying our monthly subscription.