Betting rules

Speed & Accuracy

In some cases you will have only a few seconds to place your bets You will probably not be able to place all bets fast enough, but do your best to be available on your mobile phone. Informing is instantaneous through our telegram channel

Stick to the system

On your betting account on the chosen betting site (we recommend bet365 because of the diversity in their offer) you should bet only the tips that were suggested through our system. Don’t be foolish and bet other tips.

Stick to the chosen unit.

We suggest you to stick to the chosen unit from day one until the end of your subscription.

Read the membership part of the page

Once you register and make the payment, you will get an insight in the membership part of the page where everything about about the betting rules and tips is written. Also how high your unit should be.

Don’t bet out of boredom.

Boredom is one of the main reasons for making losses at sportsbetting. Our goal is that you see sportsbetting as an opportunity to make additional money for quality free time with your loved ones.

Don’t let the trigger to go off.

Each one of us has certain triggers, which lead to self destructive behavior.

Don’t panic if we are losing!

There will also be some bad days, weeks or months. It is important to stick to the system and chosen unit then! Our system works. Trust us so the system will work also in your case.

Don’t give up

If you have missed a tip – don’t worry, there will be new ones. All new members need a few days of training to get accustomed to the speed of placing a bet. Don’t increase your unit if you have missed a few tips.

Avoid foolish activities on the betting site.

If we have won (or lost) the last five or six tips in a row, it is not certain that the next one will be the same. That’s why it is important for you not to try deceive the system. Despite some losses, stick to it.

Bet types

Bets on the winning team/player

Moneyline is a bet type on the winning team/player. It’s the most basic bet

Always check the posted odd in our system. If it has changed, it is your decision to take it or not.


The bet typ Over/Under is a calculation of points in a certain time period. Over 160.5 means that we have won the bet if the sum of the result is 161 or more – for example 80:81. Outcomes can change fast and with it also the odds, That’s why you have to be fast to react with tips which include such bet types.

Handicap bets

Handicap -1.5 for team 1 means we believe that team 1 will win with at least 2 points advantage Here the outcomes change fast also and you have to be focused and decide wisely whether or which new outcome to take.

Time related bets

Bookies also allow to bet on partial results – for halftime or quarter results Each betting tip needs to be checked thoroughly so you don’t make a mistake (if it is only a halftime bet watch out you don’t bet on full time)

Doubles and trebles

Although we bet mostly single bets, there will also be some combo bets. Be accurate when placing a bet!

More different outcomes on the same match.

Sometimes we also bet more different combinations on the same match For example if there is such a case in the telegram group: Real:Barcelona (basketball) with outcomes +3.5, +6.5 and 9.5 with different units – then you bet each outcome with a different unit.

The monthly subscription is 100 EUR.

If you have a bonus code please enter it in the next step.

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Thank you for buying our monthly subscription.