Instructions and tips

Step 1: Learn how to use our website

  1. How to register and sign up
    Congratulations, you made it. This part of the page is dedicated only for the registered members. Here you will get to know our system and rules. You can also use your facebook account to sign up.
  2. How to subscribe
    [arm_restrict_content plan=”2,” type=”show”]Your subscription is already active. The next payment will need to [arm_user_planinfo plan_id=”2″ plan_info=”arm_next_due_payment”], if you want to renew your subscription. [armelse]You can subscribe by paying with the following payment methods: Paysafecard, Credit card, Paypal or bank transfer. Choose the payment method and the system will guide you through the payment. All payments are done on the membership part.[/arm_restrict_content]
  3. How to renew the subscription
    On the Membership part of the page click “Pay” and renew your subscription.

Step 2: Read the rules on the page.

  1. Read the rules thoroughly through
    Check the rules on the website thoroughly Don’t worry, the page with the rules will always be available here!
  2. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!
    If you will find anything unlogical in the course of this education or regarding the rules, betting systems or whatsoever, you can always contact us through our contact channels. You can send us an e-mail to or write us on our facebook page, where we have our live chat.
  3. Create your betting account and deposit your expendable funds
    We suggest to create an account on bet365 (in case you still don’t have one). After validating your personal data, you can deposit your funds with different payment methods. Define your unit, with which you will then bet, depending on the deposited amount.
  4. Define your betting unit suggests that your basic unit is 3% of your expendable funds. If you deposited 100 EUR to your betting account, we suggest your unit is 3 EUR. If you have additional 200 EUR to spare, we suggest your unit is 9 EUR. If your unit is 3 EUR, then you should bet 21 EUR on the tip marked with 7/10 and 9 EUR if it is marked with 3/10.
  5. Stick to the rules always and everywhere
    The rules and this page (with the rules) is always available on the membership part of the page. You have to stick to these instructions and rules to be successful. Together we’ll make it!

Step 3: Telegram account

  1. Download the Telegram app to your mobile phone
    Telegram is an app which works on all android phones and iphones and is suitable for quick messaging. Our system informs you through Telegram about the matches that are interesting to bet on and which we also recommend.
  2. Send a message to our admin who will verify your payment and add you to the group
    The username of our admin is @back2backtips. There you can let him know you would like to sign into the group and that you already made the payment.
    In case your payment was made via bank transfer, we would also ask for the payment receipt.
  3. Follow our tips and react quickly!
    If you won’t renew your subscription, you will be removed from the Telegram group by the end of it. We suggest to renew it on time.

Step 4: Betting

  1. Don’t have your phone in silence mode or use your smartwatch
    Between the time you receive the telegram message and the time you place the bet, there should pass as little time as possible.
  2. You should be logged into your betting account with the funds already deposited
    You have to be logged into your betting acccount on your phone, where you will also receive the telegram messages. There should always be funds to bet available on your account.
  3. Find the game with the smart search.
    When you are on the main page of bet365, you can slide the bet365 logo in the header to the right and a search field opens up. There you can enter the chosen match – the first few letters of the word are already enough. In case there are several teams with the same name, choose also the suitable sport.
  4. Bet as per your unit and in case the market or odds change it is your decision if you want to risk more.
    When you find the match, next step is to find the bet type and odd. If the odds and handicaps change and are different as on the received betting tip, it is your decision whether to take the risk and bet with the changed odd or outcome.
  5. Follow the telegram group in case you should cashout.
    If you placed the bet, follow the telegram group even closer, because there may come to changes – sometimes we also decide to cashout before the end of the game.

This page is always available in the membership part of the website so you can anytime return to the instructions.

The monthly subscription is 100 EUR.

If you have a bonus code please enter it in the next step.

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Thank you for buying our monthly subscription.